RNC Power Players

There are many things that set Rhyme N Chatt apart from other poetry groups. One of those things is our RNC Power Players.

These are the people who not only attend nearly every show, but they look for ways to help out because they believe in who we are and in what we do.

THANK YOU TO THE RNC POWER PLAYERS! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Terri Whiteside (left), also known as “Divine” started attending RNC shows in 2014. Shortly thereafter, she met with organization president and expressed an interest in doing more and being more involved. She doesn’t consider herself a poet, but she is quite a hostess and has a love for people and making sure they are comfortable.

She started working with show organizers assisting with hospitality, food and drink. She is a great asset to the poetic family. If you attend a RNC show, you have seen her working the crowd making sure that each attendee has a pleasant experience.

Dwight Ash (center) has been a loyal supporter of Rhyme N Chatt since before 2010. He has always been the highest ticket seller, by purchasing several tables-worth of tickets for coworkers and friends. In the past, he has even purchased so many tickets, that show organizers have contacted him after the show has sold out to see if they could buy some tickets back from him!

He is a lover of the arts, a lover of people and he is a friend who believes in showing support in a real and consistent way. Thank you Dwight for believing in RNC!

Tyrone Waller (center) is a strong and silent staple in the RnC Family. He has attended most shows and even attended open mic sessions that were held weekly when the organization was in its infancy in the early 2000’s and captured our history through the years in pictures.

You will rarely see him in pictures (because he’s the one taking them) and hearing him speak is even more of a rarity. Yet his commitment to RnC and support of what we do is unfaltering. Thank you Tyrone, for always being there for us and for making us all look so good!