In loving memory . . .

Rhyme N Chatt is a poetic family. We believe that the sharing of poetry, in the words of our “Pop Poet” is like “turning yourself inside out.” We value and appreciate the contribution that each member makes to this poetic family.

Below are remembrances of our poetic family members who passed away during the time that they were still active with the organization. If an addition is needed, please forgive us for the oversight and contact us at so the addition can be made.

Erica “Poetic Emotion” Parks

Erica Alexis Parks, 47, passed away on June 23, 2019, in Chattanooga. She joined Rhyme N Chatt in 2018. She was poetically known as “Poetic Emotion.”
During the short time that she was a member of the organization, she brought amazing joy and a “can-do” energy to the group. Her poetry was sensual, quirky and fun. She was a huge cheerleader of the organization and introduced many new supporters to the Rhyme n Chatt shows and events.
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Mychael Jamison Greene, 28, passed away on January 13, 2018, in Chattanooga. He joined Rhyme N Chatt in 2016. He was poetically known as “Myke G.”
He freely expressed his appreciation to Rhyme N Chatt as being his poetic family and giving him a platform to share his writing freely and unapologetically. He has poetry published in the anthology “Main Street Mondays.”
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Mychael “Myke G” Greene

Angela “WhatsHaName” Hoskins

Angela Hoskins, 46, of Rome, GA passed away March 30, 2015. Poetically known as “WhatsHaName” she brought joy, vibrancy and truth with a sassy grit that warmed the hearts of all who witnessed her performances. Her time with Rhyme N Chatt was short, but her impact was one that will never be forgotten.
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LaKendra “Sunshyne” Hardy, 32, of Chattanooga, passed away on Thursday, March 15, 2007. She was a devoted member of Rhyme N Chatt Interactive Poetry Organization since 1999. She and her daughter, Jerica attended open mic session regularly and LaKendra served as the organization’s historian. Kendra is best remembered for her sensitive heart and her poetry centered around love and ending gun violence.
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LaKendra “Sunshyne” Hardy

Nation Donta Jamal Hisun, 25, passed away on Thursday, July 29, 2004 in Hattiesburg, MS. He was in the United States Army, where he was serving at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. He and his wife (Kenya) and mother, Connie Moss-Hilt, were active members of RNC in the early years.

Walt “Pop Poet” Barger

Walter B. Barger Jr., 73, passed away on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2004. He was one of the pioneers of RNC and a great inspiration to the poetic family from 1999 – 2004.

He was a published Poet (“Dark Sails in the Twilight” and “Chasing Echoes”). He was also published in the first Rhyme N Chatt poetry anthology.

The Walt Barger Award of Excellence was established after his passing and is presented to organization members who show a consistent, deep love and respect for the mission of RNC and writers and receivers of poetry. This award was most recently awarded to Carla “Poetess PhenomInal C” Elliott in 2019.