About Jacqueline “6ne1” Starks

Jacqueline “6ne1” Starks

Member since April 2022

Be on the lookout for her “6ne1” merchandising coming soon!

“Writing for the love of God and Jesus Christ”

Jacqueline has been writing short stories and fictionalized plays since high school. Her writing is inspired by actual events in her life and the way, where and when she grew up.

As a theater major from Denver East High School of Arts in Denver, Colorado, she was made to play sports because of her 6’1 frame; however, her true love has always been for the arts through drama, acting, singing and music. Jacqueline now resides in Chattanooga, TN.

During the pandemic, she taught herself how to play guitar, drums and saxophone. She uses these gifts to help entertain the clients she cares for at a local mental health facility in Chattanooga, TN.

The reality of being a caregiver for over 30 years and dealing with the passing of her brother, have inspired her writing and helped shape her writing style, which is a mix of serious reality and comedic truth.

Even though she hasn’t had her works published, she aspires to be a published author soon. “I have so much music and poetic words in my head. I need somewhere to release it all.”