About Chuck Beard

A poet honoring family legacy–

From an early age, Chuck was inspired to write poetry. One of his main inspirations was his grandfather, a WWII veteran. When his grandfather was away at war he compiled a book of all the things that he had written in his time overseas. When Chuck’s mother introduced him to it, he was amazed at the things his grandfather put into it, especially his command of the English language. From that point, Chuck used poetry as an outlet for pain and stress. Poetry became his way of expressing his voice, when no one was listening or paying attention.

Chuck joined Rhyme N Chatt in 2002 because he found a group of like-minded people searching for a similar outlet. All of his work comes from the things that have touched him, positively and negatively. It is his way of examining his window into the world and launching it back out into society, in an attempt to make the ugliness and confusion, palatable and beautiful.


May 2021 – Tulsa Race Massacre

Nov 2019 – RNC’s I Remember When

Apr 2019 – RNC’s 20th Anniversary

Jul 2017 – Hunter Museum’s Vision and Verse

Jan 2017 – RNC’s Foreplay on Words

Oct 2016 – RNC’s I Remember When

May 2016 – RNC’s 99 Problems