About Carla Elliott

RNC Member since
Feb 2009

2019 Recipient of the Walt Barger Award of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award

RNC Board Member since 2021

2022 RNC Anthology Dedication Recipient

The Poetess
PhenomInal C

Carla is Public Speaker, Disability Awareness Advocate, and Performing Poetess throughout the SE region, on Blog – Talk Internet Radio, Hank Stewart’s Love Jones Sunday’s, and the Apache Café’, both in Atlanta Georgia; locally in the Hunter Art Museum’s Vision and Verse, the Barking Legs Theater “Floor is Yours” Open Mic Show, Chattanooga Readers and Writers Fair, Member of , and recipient of the 2019, Rhyme-n- Chatt Interactive Poetry Group’s “Walt Barger Award of Excellence”.

She IS the PROUD mother of a 35-year-old Daughter; graduate of Brainerd High School Class of 1983; Founder of D.R.I.V.E.U. Disability Social Awareness Group; member of the City of Chattanooga, Mayor’s Council on Disability, where she is very happy to advocate for, and encourage the disabled community to be proactive in resolution and solutions needed to unite the disabled, and able-bodied communities, which form our city.


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Feb 2022 – Charlie Newton’s BLACK BIBLE Art Exhibit at Stove Works

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Apr 2013 – Jazz Appreciation Month with Jazzanooga