Stretch & Strengthen Writing Challenge – On the Field

If you are up for the challenge, here’s your STRETCH & STRENGTHEN EXERCISE!


TOPIC: On the Field: Write from the perspective of a sports ball {Baseball, Soccer, American Football, Lacrosse, etc.} – think about what the sports ball might feel, see, hear, think, and experience with this poetry idea!


1. Abide – to be faithful, to endure
2. Big – vast, gigantic
3. Poignant – deeply moving, keen


Write it as a concrete.

A concrete poem, sometimes called a shape poem, is a visual poem structure where the shape of the poem resembles its content or message. These are another favorite with children, although they can be used to communicate powerful adult ideas, too.

When writing concrete poetry, you can experiment with different fonts, sizes, and even colors to create your visual poem. Here’s an example of a concrete poem, “Sonnet in the Shape of a Potted Christmas Tree” by George Starbuck:





O glitter-torn!

Let the wild wind erect

bonbon bonanzas; junipers affect

frosty freeze turbans; icicle stuff adorn

all cuckolded creation in a madcap crown of horn!

It’s a new day; no scapegrace of a sect

tidying up the ashtrays playing Daughter-in-Law Elect;

bells! bibelots! popsicle cigars! shatter the glassware! a son born



while ox and ass and infant lie

together as poor creatures will

and tears of her exertion still

cling in the spent girl’s eye

and a great firework in the sky

drifts to the western hill.

Submit your poem to for consideration for publication in this year’s Rhyme N Chatt Poetry Anthology. Also, consider sharing your poem at an upcoming RNC open mic session!


“Changing Lives One Rhyme At A Time”

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